Bee & Wasp Removal

Bee & Wasp Removal

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Bees and wasps are very beneficial as they play a major role as pollinators of plants. When the weather warms in the spring, the overwintering queen of the bee and wasp species emerges to begin a new hive. These hives can be built almost anywhere protected. Free hanging nests can form in a bush, tree, or under the roofline, etc. Some nests can’t be seen, being built in a wall void and other inaccessible area. Other nests are dug and formed under the soil. All of these bee and wasp nests pose a safety risk to anyone in the vicinity and a potential allergy risk.

Ground nest!


Paper nest!

Quick Facts:

Bees and wasps are commonly found Massachusetts in the warmer months.

Wasps found in Massachusetts include: yellow jackets, paper wasps, mud daubers, digger wasps, cicada killer.

Bees found in Massachusetts include: Honey bees, bumble bees, and carpenter bees.

Hornets found in Massachusetts include: bald faced hornets and European hornets.

Honey Bees 

Honey bees and other pollinators are essential for many flowering plants including crops we eat. For a little over a decade the honey bees have been dying off at alarming rates. We at Neal Pest Control, Inc. do not exterminate these bees. Also, we use Best Management Practices when applying products during pollination season.

Signs that you have a bee or wasp infestation include:

● Visible hive inside or outside.

● Loud buzzing outside, inside your walls, or in your attic.

● Increased presence of bees/wasps outside.


Open cone nest!


Open cone nest!

Neal Pest Control, Inc. can also remove the less common hornet nest/hiveHornets are a type of wasp, usually bigger than a typical wasp. Even worse, like wasps, hornets can sting multiple times, while a bee can only sting once. These pests are extremely aggressive.

Due to the very serious nature of this pest which can cause bites, stings, and allergic reactions, we have the experience and proper tools to solve your bee or wasp problem. Neal Pest Control, Inc. can treat and remove an accessible nest in one visit.

Bee Nest

Bee Nest Removal

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