Spider Control

Spider Control

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There are approximately 3,000 different species of spiders in North America. Spiders are beneficial as they feed on living insects and help reduce the amount of insects we all see. They are one of the most easily recognizable insects. The fear of spiders, also known as Arachnophobia, is one of the biggest fears in the U.S. While many spiders are simply a nuisance, there are two in the United States that are considered a threat to humans, the widow and recluse species.

Signs that you have a spider problem include:

  • Live or dead spiders.
  • Spider webs -usually on the corners of ceilings.
  • Dirty ceilings and walls due to a previous web.

Some of our spider elimination methods include:

    • Removing spiders, webs and egg sacs (we use spider mops and HEPA filter vacuums)
    • Non-spraying trapping methods– use monitor boards, etc.
    • Traditional spraying methods

We recommend:

  • Improve attic and crawlspace conditions (ventilation, moisture, etc.)
  • Use screens and making sure they have no holes for entry points
  • Sealing any possible entry points around your home

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