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Mice Control

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Mice are one of the most common household pests. This is because mice reproduce quickly and can easily access buildings. Female mice can produce about 35 young mice per year. Mice can fit through an opening about a quarter of an inch.  Mice are a common fear of a lot of people, and they are also often living in your home or business without your knowledge. A mouse/mice infestation should not be ignored since mice can carry many kinds of bacteria and pathogens. A mouse will get into your supply of food, leave droppings where you eat.

Rodents need: Food, Water & Shelter! We help customers to reduce the above.

Quick Facts:

House Mouse
  • Light gray with a cream colored belly
  • Produce roughly 50 droppings each day.

Fit through opening quarter of an inch (size of a dime).


Deer Mouse
  • Brown (mostly brown and half white)
  • Great climbers
  • Prefer rural outdoor areas

It is important to eliminate mice soon after finding evidence. A pair of mice can produce 18,000 droppings and about three quarters of a pint of urine each. In this feces and urine can be bacteria and disease.

Signs that you have a mice infestation include:
  • Visible droppings in the building.
  • Evidence of gnawing on food containers, wrappers, etc.
  • Rub marks along your baseboard, cement areas, etc.
  • Noise coming from the ceiling and walls.
Rub Marks
Mouse droppings

In addition to the health risks mice pose, they also can damage the wiring that is running through your home or business. This can be a very costly fix, and can even pose a fire risk. It is not a good idea to let these rodents live in your home or business with buildings.

One major entry point for mice to enter a building is from underneath doors.  It very important to inspect and fix any door sweeps (exit doors, garage doors, etc.). This will help to keep mice from entering.

Fun Picture- it is amazing where mice can be seen!

Neal Pest Control, Inc. offers a variety of methods to control mice:

  • Exclusion
  • Baiting service
  • Trapping method

Please note, a successful mice service must be carefully designed and planned.  The effectiveness of a mouse service is an equal effort between a pest control professional and from the customer.

Neal Pest Control, Inc. offers a variety of different ways to get rid of mice, so contact us today!

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